Scott Boughton


Scott is a director of Salient, and a vocal proponent of enhanced safety through targeted and purposeful training. With a background in flying UH60 Blackhawk helicopters in the U.S. Army, he has diverse experience in various sectors of the U.S. commercial helicopter industry, including offshore oil and gas, helicopter tours, electronic news gathering, and helicopter air ambulance (HAA).

Having occupied management roles within the U.S., Scott currently serves as a single-pilot IFR Pilot in Command and Training Captain/Check Pilot for a prominent U.S. HAA operator. Additionally, he is involved in test flying for S70 FireHawk helicopters and holds the position of Vice-Chairman of the Helicopter Association International (HAI) Training Working Group.

In his capacity as a Part 135 Training Captain/Check Pilot and FAA Aircrew Program Designee, Scott has gained a profound appreciation for the aviation training process, valuing both the journey and the final results. Embracing the Competency-based approach, he aligns with the CBTA and EBT concepts and is at the forefront of implementing these strategies and adapting the Salient approach to airline pilot training to revolutionize training within the helicopter industry.