Saleh Alamoush

Saleh Alamoush

Deputy Chief Commissioner & CEO

Eng. Saleh Alamoush is the Deputy Chief Commissioner/CEO and the Aviation Safety and Security Commissioner of Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission who has Around 32 year’s dynamic experience in Aviation Sector. He is a venerable veteran who is well known through the MENA Region and Internationally. His career has been spent working with Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission with attachments and secondments to Regional and International organizations.

Eng. Alamoush is a current ICAO USOAP AGA, ORG and LEG auditor; he has been in audit missions to Sierra Leone, Kazakhstan, India, Cabo Verde, Bhutan, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ghana, etc. He was released on 15th August 2016 to work with ICAO-TCB as Aerodrome Planning Expert for duration of one year.

Eng. Alamoush has been working for the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission since 4th Jan 1990. He holds an Executive MBA in Aviation Management / Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands, and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering majoring Airports Engineering, Yarmouk University, Jordan. Prior to his appointment as Commissioner and subsequently Deputy Chief Commissioner /CEO. Eng. Alamoush has served as the Airports Safety and Standards Director; State Safety Program Accountable Manager; Aviation Environment Action Plan/ Focal Point.

During his career with Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission, he was seconded to Abu Dhabi / UAE as Principal Airport Planner for Abu Dhabi Airport Expansion Projects. Furthermore, he has established the Aerodrome Safety and Standards at Sudan Civil Aviation Authority under a consultancy agreement with CARC. He has been chosen to represent Jordan in many National, Regional and International Aviation events, Acting as chief delegate, delegate, moderator, speaker and chairperson. Also, he has been a member in several Committees/Groups like RASG-MID, T-MAG, SCAN and others.

Eng. Alamoush has been assigned by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission to manage many multiple aviation complex tasks at the National and Regional levels that needs very technical soundness, maturity, comprehensive understanding, excellent communication, tact and negotiations skills. Eng. Alamoush has developed a large network of useful contact within ICAO and around the World, as a result of his audit activities on behalf of ICAO.