Francesca Pellegrino

Francesca Pellegrino

Full Professor of Maritime and Air Law and Director of the CUST (University Centre for Transportation Studies)

Graduated in Law with full marks from the University of Messina (Italy) (12 February 1982) PhD in Maritime, Air and Transport Law (1992), University Researcher (from 1992). Associate Professor (from 2001), Full Professor of Maritime and Air Law at the University of Messina (from 2006), Director of the CUST (University Centre for Transportation Studies – University of Messina) (from 2012 to January 2019 and re-elected from 2022 to 2025). Lecturer of European Union Law (from 2004 to 2019). Coordinator of the magistral degree in Law Department, Messina University (2018-2021). Member of the Committee for the National Scientific Qualification of University Professors (20016-18).

Visiting Professor at World Maritime University (Malmo) of IMO (International Maritime Organization), at Collegio Europeo of Parma and at the Universities of Granada, Cadix, Vigo, Pais Vasco-Bilbao (Spain), Annecy Mont Blanc (France).

Fellow Researcher at Universities of Oslo – Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Gent, Rotterdam, Aix en Provence, Madrid, Geneva, Paris Sorbonne, Nantes, Rouen, Malta, Cadix, Vigo, Granada, Bilbao.

Member of AIDINAT (Associazione Italiana di Diritto della Navigazione e dei Trasporti), AIDIM (Associazione Italiana di Diritto Marittimo), ALADA (Asociación Latino Americana de Derecho Aeronáutico y Espacial), CUST (University Centre for Transportation Studies), Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti. Indipendent External Expert of EASA (European Authority in Aviation Safety).

National correspondent for Italy in the European research on the state of implementation of the CMR Convention regarding the carriage of goods by road. Member of the Executive Committee of the journal “Diritto Marittimo” (first class) and the “CUST Book series”. Member of the Scientific Committee of the journals “Rivista di diritto della navigazione” (first class) and Revista de derecho del transporte (first class). Member of the Board of Professors of the Doctorate on Legal Sciences. Committee member for doctoral final exam at University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech.

Organizer of numerous International Conferences/Workshops in cooperation with IMO (International Maritime Organization), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), Eurocontrol, ENAC, ENAV, ANSV (Safety Investigation Agency), ANACNA, General Command of the Harbour Offices etc. Director/Coordinator/Professor of numerous High Education Courses and Master on both aviation and maritime matters. Promoter of mobility programmes/summer schools for foreign students. Promoter of the Memorandum of Understanding between University of Messina and ICAO and of the agreement with ENAC.
Scientific Director of the following research projects: “Just Culture in Aviation” in cooperation with Eurocontrol (in pregress), ”Territorial continuity of air transport with the Mediterranean islands” (in progress); interdisciplinary project on “Sustainable development of transport in the Mediterranean”; “The future of air transport in the post-Covid era” (in progress), “The beach concessions” (in progress); “Dispute resolution between States before ICAO Council” (in progress); “Reorganization, rationalization, and simplification of the discipline concerning the harbour authorities” (in progress).

Member of the team of the following research projects: PRIN (National Interest Project) “ATM Drones and D.A.N.T.E. (Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies for Environment)” in cooperation with EASA, ENAC and ENAV (in progress); “Remote Pilots and Remote Pilots in Command” in cooperation with EASA; PRIN “”Safety in maritime and air transport infrastructure and ship/aircraft”; PRIN “Pleasure boating: safety, security and sustainable development”; PRIN “Organisation of flight assistance in Italy”; Finalized Transport Project (PFT1 e 2) of CNR (National Research Council); “Local Public Transport in Messina”, “Feasibility study for the harbour town development plan in Messina; two PRIN (National Interest Projects, 2005, 2008); “Securmed” and “Securmed Plus” Interreg III Projects; SINAVE (Innovative System for Intermodal Transport by Fast Ship); R&M (research&mobility) project on “Monitoring, control and information system: towards a common maritime zone” (in progress); Research and Development Project “Use of innovative technologies, materials and models in the aviation field” (Aeromat); Messina – At school and at work with Local Public Transport”; Jean Monnet EU CoTeMer “Usage et réglementation en Europe du tourisme côtier et maritime”, in cooperation with University of Nantes; “CMR” in cooperation with University of Rouen. Languages: English and French (B2), Spanish (A2).

Speaker at approximately 120 International and national Conferences, Workshops, Seminars etc., in Italy and abroad. Author of many publications (approximately 130, including 5 monographies). The monographies are focused on safety and aviation accident prevention, maritime liens and mortgages, sustainable development of maritime transport, road carrier’s limitation of liability, just culture principles. The most recent monography (written in English) is entitled “The Just Culture Principles in Aviation Law: towards a safety-oriented approach” (Springer, 2019). Other areas of scientific interest are oil pollution at sea, drones, piracy, ports and port authorities, recreational marine, tourism, gig workers etc.