EASA Representative to ICAO and Canada

Erick Ferrandez

EASA Representative to ICAO and Canada

Aeronautical engineer by education, Erick spent 14 years of his career in the industry in the
Flight Operations domain before joining EASA. He gained his operational experience from both a manufacturer perspective working for the Airbus Flight Operations Division and from an operator perspective in the US Airways Operational Control Centre in the USA.

Erick has been working for EASA since 2006 where he was initially in charge of developing
and managing the EASA International Technical Cooperation programmes for 8 years. He
was then Head of the “Safety Intelligence and Performance Department” at EASA. This
department was in charge of, inter alia, the production of the Annual Safety Review (ASR),
the EASA Safety Risk Portfolios, the Security and Cybersecurity risks impacting safety,
coordinating the Agency involvement in the safety investigations and managing the EASA
Safety Promotion activities.

Erick was the programme manager of Data4Safety (the European Big Data programme for
aviation safety) for the initial “Proof of Concept” phase of the programme that started in
2017 and ended in Dec 2022.

Erick is currently the EASA permanent representative to ICAO and Canada and is based in
Montréal since January 2023.