Miguel David Collado Morales is a Dominican politician, businessman and communicator. He was Deputy for the National District from 2010 to 2016, Mayor of the National District from 2016 to 2020 and currently serves as Minister of Tourism since August 2020. He was born on September 29, 1975 in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His parents are David Collado and Oneyda Morales. He attended school at the San Juan Bautista School; he later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Relations at Atlantic University, diplomas in public policy and political strategy at George Washington University, among other studies in digital marketing at the University of Alicante.

In his role as a promoter of entrepreneurship, he has organized talks and conferences to promote entrepreneurship, with prominent international figures such as Rudy Giuliani, Alan Greenspan, George W. Bush and John C. Maxwell. He has also ventured into the film industry with the production company Entrepreneur Films, serving as executive producer of the Dominican films “El Rey de Najayo”, “Ponchao” and “Pueto Pa Mí”.

In 2010, he was elected as Deputy for District No. 1 of the National District for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), being the youngest person to obtain the highest number of votes in congressional elections in the Dominican Republic. In 2019 he managed to occupy the number 1 place in the ranking “Mayors of Latin American capitals” conducted by Consulta Mitofsky, with a valuation of 86%, being the only one highlighted in the “Outstanding” category.

Various national and international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program and FINJUS have highlighted the transparency and institutional strengthening in its public management, becoming a regional benchmark in the management of the urban tourism and in the recovery of tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the main works of his administration are the remodeling of the Malecón of Santo Domingo, the restoration of the Monument to Fray Antón de Montesinos and the complete renovation of the Plazoleta La Trinitaria, emblematic historical sites of high tourist value in the city of Santo Domingo that were in a state of abandonment.

He has worked in the recovery of numerous parks in the National District, including Parque Mirador Sur, Arboleda, Los Prados, Cristo Libre and Divino Niño, installation of surveillance cameras in the recovered parks, and the construction of a new park named “Cruz Jiminián” in honor of a renowned Dominican doctor. He carried out the recovery of the Máximo Gómez and Cristo Redentor cemeteries and public markets such as the Honduras Market, Villa Consuelo, Los Guandules and the construction of pedestrian and vehicular bridges in the sectors of Cristo Rey and La Puya de Arroyo Hondo.

Collado has directed investments for the recovery of the rain drainage system, has made complete infrastructure repairs in more than 10 sectors of the city that had no sidewalks or streets, and other works in order to increase public safety and improve the working conditions of the Municipal Police and the Fire Department of the National District. He showed interest in sports as a means for youth development, investing in the construction of courts and supporting basketball, baseball, volleyball and tennis tournaments. As Minister of Tourism, Collado has achieved historic figures in the promotion of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination, reaching the record figure of 10 million visitors in the past year 2023.