Theme: Optimizing Aviation Capacity Strategies for Safe Skies, Sustainable Future
AMDay 1
(30 April 2024)
Day 2
(1 May 2024)
Day 3
(2 May 2024)
Open to AllHigh-level Roundtable Discussion
(By Invitation Only)
Capacity Development & Implementation Support TrackTraining Track Open to All
Onsite Registration
(7h00 – 9h00)
Building Capacity to Achieve an Effective and Sustainable Air Transportation System for our Future
(11h00 – 13h00)
(Open to All)(Open to All)
Opening Ceremony
& Project Signings
(9h00 – 10h00)
Panel 3A:

Exploring Air Transport’s Impact on Tourism Growth
(9h00 – 10h30)
Panel 3B:

Measuring Impacts of Emerging
Technologies in Aviation Training
(9h00 – 10h30)
Panel 6:

A Deep Dive into the Strategic Architecture of ICAO’s Finvest Hub
(9h00 – 9h30)
Networking/Coffee Break
(10h00 – 10h30)
Networking/Coffee Break
(10h30 – 11h00)
Networking / Coffee Break
(9h30 – 10h00)
Panel 4A:

Safeguarding the Skies: Deep Dive into Aviation Cybersecurity
(11h00 – 12h00)
Panel 4B:

Future-Ready Aviation Workforce:
Embracing Mobility and Agility
(11h00 – 12h30)
Panel 7:

Scaling Up Global Collaboration: Enhancing Capacity for LTAG Implementation
(10h00 – 11h30)

SkyTalks Sessions
(12h00 – 12h15)
(12h15 – 12h30)

Closing Ceremony (includes announcement of GISS 2025)
(11h30 – 12h00)
Panel 1:

Safely Integrating Advanced Air Mobility into Existing Aviation Frameworks
(10h30 – 12h00)
PMLunch Break
(12h00 – 13h30)
Group Photo
followed by
Private Luncheon
(13h00 – 14h30)
Lunch Break
(12h30 – 14h00)
Panel 2:

Building a Resilient Aviation System in the Face of Crises
(13h30 – 15h00)
Panel 5:

Building the Future of Airports:
Innovation and Sustainability
(14h00 – 15h30)
(for TPP Members & Partners):
(14h00 – 15h30)
Airport or Cultural Tour (TBC)
(14h00 – 17h00)
Networking/Coffee Break
(15h00 – 15h30)
Networking/Coffee Break
(15h30 – 16h00)
SkyTalks Sessions
(15h30 – 15h45)
(15h45 – 16h00)
SkyTalks Sessions
(16h00 – 16h15)
(16h15 – 16h30)
TRAINAIR PLUS Workshop (Cont’d.)
(for TPP Members & Partners):
(16h00 – 17h30)
Welcome Cocktail
(18h00 – 21h00)
All-White Beach Gala Reception*
(includes ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Recognition Awards)
(18h30 – 21h00)

*Dress Code: All White
*Programme subject to change