On-site Registration

Entrance Foyer of the Barceló Bávaro Convention Center

On-site registration and badge pick-up will be open from 12h00 to 19h00 at the entrance foyer of the Barceló Bávaro Convention Center.

Panel 1: Safely Integrating Advanced Air Mobility into Existing Aviation Frameworks

Main Plenary Room

This panel discussion will bring together leaders at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technology, alongside regulatory experts paving the path for the safe integration of AAM into existing aviation frameworks and beyond. The panelists will discuss topics, such as infrastructure requirements for vertiports and landing sites, airspace management considerations, certification and safety standards […]

Panel 2: Building a Resilient Aviation System in the Face of Crises

Main Plenary Room

To blindly pursue a vision of sustainable growth in the global civil aviation system without adequate preparedness for serious, irregular, yet reasonably predictable disasters can result in failure, particularly at critical junctures. Administrations can and have fallen in the aftermath of crises due to perceived unpreparedness. The High-Level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC) in 2021 underscored […]

Panel 3A: Exploring Air Transport’s Impact on Tourism Growth

Main Plenary Room

This panel session will explore how enhanced connectivity through air travel not only drives tourism but also bolsters socio-economic growth. Discussions will highlight effective capacity development strategies to maximize the positive impact of air transport on local and global tourism sectors, underscoring the importance of fostering adaptability and innovation within the industry for sustainable growth. […]

Panel 3B: Measuring Impacts of Emerging Technologies in Aviation Training

Training Plenary Room

This panel session will focus on the practical application of emerging technologies in aviation training and explores the impact on traditional training systems and methodologies. Panelists will highlight the successful integration of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence into training programmes, and how these innovations have bolstered the competencies of aviation professionals, preparing them […]

Panel 4A – Safeguarding the Skies: Deep Dive into Aviation Cybersecurity

Main Plenary Room

Join us for a direct conversation with experts shaping a secure future in aviation cybersecurity. This deep dive session will explore the industry’s multifaceted efforts in strengthening aviation cybersecurity globally and address ICAO’s pivotal role in crafting Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and developing procedures and guidance material essential for navigating the complex terrain of […]

Panel 4B: Future-Ready Aviation Workforce – Embracing Mobility and Agility

Training Plenary Room

Personnel shortages in aviation have been a growing concern in recent years, posing significant challenges for the industry. To tackle this challenge effectively, aviation professionals, regulatory bodies, and training institutions are looking at the role of competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) in developing a skilled and mobile workforce. This panel discussion will address the importance […]

Panel 5: Building the Future of Airports – Innovation and Sustainability​

Main Plenary Room

This panel session will explore innovations in airport development and infrastructure, underscoring the need for States to establish a comprehensive master plan for guiding future development in a logical, sustainable, and efficient manner. The overarching goal of this session is to bring together key stakeholders from the global civil aviation community to deliberate on innovative […]

SkyTalks Session Presented by Indra

Main Plenary Room

Unveiling the Future of TBO Collaboration with iTEC SkyNex This session will present the extraordinary steps of remarkable partnership and outstanding technological evolution that iTEC SkyNex will perform to bring the iTEC Alliance and the solution beyond its known boundaries. The presenters will explain how NAV CANADA will join forces with the iTEC Alliance to […]

All-White Dinner Reception (Dress code: All-White)

Private beach of the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Hotel

The Dinner Reception will be held in a private beach setting at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Hotel, where the evening’s dress code calls for all-white attire. This special evening will also include the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Recognition Awards ceremony and commemorate the 10th anniversary of ICAO’s Global Aviation Training Section.

Panel 6: A Deep Dive into the Strategic Architecture of ICAO’s Finvest Hub

Main Plenary Room

Join us for an exclusive 1-to-1 session into the strategic architecture of Finvest Hub. This deep-dive conversation will zero in on the structured framework and modalities integral to ICAO’s Finvest Hub. This session will also explore the multifaceted aspects, highlighting the pivotal role of technical assistance and capacity building in laying the groundwork for sustainable […]

Panel 7: Scaling Up Global Collaboration: Enhancing Capacity for LTAG Implementation*

Main Plenary Room

The two-part panel discussion will explore ICAO’s role in supporting States to achieve the long-term global aspirational goal (LTAG) and reduce international aviation emissions, notably through its Assistance, Capacity-Building, and Training Programme on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (ACT-SAF). The discussion will spotlight the need for efficient capacity-building activities for global SAF deployment, emphasizing contributions to ICAO’s […]

Airport or Cultural Tour (TBC)

Pre-registration is required for the tour. Online sign-up form will be uploaded to this website once further information becomes available. Check back regularly for updates.